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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Commodore's Corner
Fred Bartrom

If you have an interest in the Bee Fleet, if you have some curiosity about racing, if you love any excuse to go sailing, then don’t let this opportunity slip away. I am talking about the first two Saturdays in September. The two dates to get on your calendar now are September 7th and September 14th. Why am I harping on a couple of Saturdays in September? (No it is not because I need a lot of words for this newsletter.) Because, these dates kick off our fall racing season and provide a platform for sailors to try their hand at racing. Why two Saturdays in a row?

1.  Sep 7th: 
PPYC U - Preparation for the Rookie Race - The first Saturday we are going to get you into the right mindset with some Regatta/Racing 101 training. We will walk you through before, during and after a typical Regatta day. Then, when you come out for the Rookie Race or one of the other Fall Regattas, you will be able to concentrate on sailing and enjoying the experience instead of worrying about being lost or in the way. If you are a boat owner and racing is new, sailing is new, then you want to SIGN UP NOW. If you want to be crew, then sign up and come meet some skippers. After all, you got to have a skipper if you want to crew. If you are in the Club Boat program, then you have a choice of two boats to sail in the Rookie Race! So, you should sign up too and don’t forget to reserve the boat so you can race it on the 14th. Click here to sign up:

2.  Sep 14th:  Rookie Race - On the second Saturday we are going to take it to the water in the Rookie Race. Sign up on the website here:  (Yes, you should sign up twice. Once for training on 9/7 and a second time for racing on 9/14.)

  • We will be running a short course so we can get plenty of race start and finish practices. We will be running a triangle course because that lets every boat put in at least one jibe per race and keeps the downwind boats clear of the upwind boats. 
  • We will be doing non-traditional trophies. That means we won’t be doing traditional handicap scoring. Instead we will be handing out awards that were unused from previous regattas and other random items to reward things that happen on the water that day. So, you will still get bragging rights.
  • Pack your picnic baskets. We will sail until we get hungry, then head to the deck for a meal after the race. What you pack is what you eat. Sharing with the Commodore is allowed, especially anything with caramel in it.
  • This is the format we used last year and it was a whole lot of fun. See the Rookie Race picture album from last year:

Upcoming Events

  1. LATH
  2. Wednesday Night Races
  3. The August Pot Luck has a new date – October 26
  4. Sunday afternoons at 1:30 - We will start on the deck with a series of lessons that Galen has prepared to sharpen our skills and tactics. Then we will take the small buoys and all the boats and crew we can muster out onto the lake to practice what we learned in some short, fun buoy races.
  5. PPYC U – Preparation for the Rookie Race (9/7): We will take you through what to expect on a regatta day. We will start with check-in, then go over the race instructions, skippers meeting, starts, finishes and much more. All geared to prepare you for the Rookie Race.
  6. Rookie Race (9/14): This is for you, if you are a rookie at racing or if you have rookie crew you want to get on the helm. What is a rookie? A skipper that needs a confidence booster before participating more in our regular regattas. We will run a simple course, with a long start line and on the water help.


We are an all-volunteer club. The nickname for Tennessee is also the "Volunteer State". So, technically you are a Volunteer, so volunteer. No, you don’t have to wear orange if you sign up. So, sign up now and get it on your calendar. Why wait and make us all worry we aren’t going to have enough help to finish off the year. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHERE YOU CAN FILL IN!


Let’s go sailing!

Fred Bartrom


Congratulations goes out to several of our sailors who traveled north to the 2019 Lake Huron Championship hosted by Port Huron Yacht Club. This team placed third in class aboard Paul’s S2 7.9 boat, “Itch”. From left to right: Steve Brooks (main trimmer), David Curtze (offside trimmer), Andrew Woods (bow), Paul Latour (skipper), and Craig Dooley (tactician). Well done, gentlemen!


ICYMI (In Case You Missed It): The PPYC Resource Center
A repository of class pictures and materials from our PPYC classes for your reference.  Information made available at instructor's permission.

Bareboating: Fun Experiences & Practical Considerations, 03.02.2019
Kurt and Nancy Berger gave us the inside scoop on chartering a boat without a skipper or crew.  The link above is to the PowerPoint slide deck presented in the class.

Galen Freeman One Design Race ResultsMay 18-19, 2019

Sailing Skills Course (PPYC U), June 8, 2019:
     Small Boat Trailering 
(PowerPoint slide show) by Bobby McCullough

PPYC Turns 50 in 2020!

In just a few months, Percy Priest Yacht Club will celebrate our 50th ANNIVERSARY!!!

We would like you to look through your photo albums, scrap books, newspaper and magazine clippings, videos, documents, or anything else you come across and share it with us.  We want to borrow these items to assemble into a digital collection commemorating the history of our club.

Richard "Hook" Lewis is leading this project and asks that you drop your items off in a sealed envelope or box with your name and phone number clearly marked on the outside.  We will return your items back to you as soon as we have made copies. 

Got questions?  Contact Richard at 615.974.1894 or email him:


Did you know PPYC was formed in 1970? That means we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2020!!  

For this very special milestone, we are now announcing a contest to develop PPYC 50th Anniversary logos and graphics that will be used on our website, newsletter and on items you can purchase from our Ship’s store.

If you are graphically inclined, please submit your designs by the end of October, 2019! 

Here is what is needed (submit one, several or all categories).

1. Graphic that could be used on the back of a tee shirt.

2. Rectangular logo like we use on letterhead.


3. Burgee logo like we use on trophies.



To see examples of our current logos, log into the PPYC website as a member and then click on the “PPYC Documents” menu. Select “Logo Samples” from the list.

1. Win one category and choose an item from the Ship’s store with the anniversary logo for $50 or less.

2. Win in two or more categories and choose an item from the Ship’s store for $100 or less.


We request all submissions be in the committee’s hands by the end of October, 2019.  You will be able to send your entries via email to Kathy Ware, Vice Commodore. 
Good luck to everyone!!

Wednesday Night Races Ends with a Cookout, 8.7.2019

Communications Corner
Sheila Armstrong


Summer Schedule's "off week" this time around folks.  Go have a great day!


Next month starts the Fall Regatta Season!  Time to put all those hours of sailing this summer to good use and show off those skills you've been mastering. 

Here's the regatta lineup:

     Sat, 9/14:  Club Race & Raft Up
     Sat & Sun, 10/5 & 10/6:  Oktoberfest & Catalina Cup
     Sat & Sun, 10/19 & 10/20:  Equalizer
     Sat, 11/2:  Fall Off
     Sun, 12/8:  Kamikaze

There is a lot coming down the pike this fall. Come join us.  Maybe we assemble a few "ladies only" crews to compete. 

Not so sure your ready to race in a regatta?  Then come help us get the regattas up and running.  I am talking registering racers, riding the committee boat, riding on the chase boats, helping get the food ready...there is a whole other world that goes on around these races.  There's a place for everyone on race day...and you thought the only sport going on in the fall was football!

Time to sign off for this week. Until I see you again, be 
good to one another.

Take care,

NOTE TO READERS: Starting in August, the newsletter will be 
focused on the events calendar with Fred and I writing our
columns every other week. Yes, we need a summer break, too.
Don't worry, we will be back to our weekly posts in September.

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