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Wednesday Night Races – Revised Instructions Due To COVID-19

Over the years Wednesday night races have become the most popular races at PPYC. Wednesday night races are FUN RACES that use a pursuit-start format. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic much of our Wednesday night season has been canceled. However, we plan on starting the Wednesday Night series back up on August 19th with the following adjusted race instructions.

Wednesday Night Race Procedures


Specific Instructions For Compliance With Metro’s COVID-19 Restrictions

  1. The Covid-19 policy adopted by PPYC will apply.
  2. People who are sick, are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, have a fever of 100.4 or higher at the day of the event or any day less than 14 days prior to the event, or have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19 in the past 14 days do not participate.
  3. Masks are required to enter the building and the kitchen remains closed to the public. Should anyone need ice, they are to communicate with parks staff to request ice prior to arrival. Please keep in mind that the office, restrooms, and clubhouse close promptly at 6P
  4. Participants must maintain six-foot social distancing at all times whether inside the clubhouse, on shore or on the water - unless from the same household.
  5. Participants shall bring their own hand sanitizer.  Hand washing/sanitizing is mandatory for all participants.
  6. Masks or face coverings should be worn while inside the clubhouse, on shore and on the docks.
  7. There will be no congregating on the deck or docks before or after the race if social distancing of at least 6’ cannot be maintained. We suggest participants simply proceed from parking to and from the boat you will be racing on.
  8. We have prepared our instructions to the best of our understanding of health guidelines. However the best of guidance has not been able to completely eliminate the risk of contracting COVID 19 or other illnesses. So, please only participate at your own risk.

We encourage families to sail together. If you will be sailing with non-family crew, we encourage a face covering such as a buff if you are not able to socially distance at all times on the boat.

Note — General Procedures below also contain modifications required for compliance with Metro’s COVID-19 restrictions.


General Procedures

  1. Wednesday Night Races start at 6:00 pm.
  2. The race Start line is between the two southernmost no wake markers near the mouth of the Hamilton Creek Sailboat Marina cove.
  3. Time-of-Day Starting System: Wednesday Night Races are intended to be fun races that are simple to participate in and simple to run. One way we made them simpler was to eliminate the starting horn completely. You will use your starting time listed on the starting times sheetbut instead of waiting for a horn to start your countdown, you will use 6:00:00 as the "zero starting time." Just use the Official US Time at or . There will not be a starting horn used for the zero time. 

    The starting times sheet also shows the time-of-day that each boat should start. Although you will probably still find it easier to use a countdown, you could just use the time-of-day to start. 

  4. Bee Fleet:Non-Spinnaker B (Bee Fleet) met and organized in March, 2017. Bee Fleet start times are indicated on the Non-Spinnaker starting times sheet in the Bee Fleet column." The fleet is made up of cruisers and captains who are eager to enjoy racing under a modified format that will include relaxing of RRS 41 so that we can provide race time coaching if needed. Their races will start a little later than our other fleets and will be set up on a smaller course. If you are interested in racing but have not brought your boat to the line for various reasons, this relaxed format may be just what you have been waiting for. If you want to join the Bee Fleet, contact Craig Dooley, race director so we can get you added.
    The Bee Fleet is also a good place for skippers who are not a PPYC member to try out the club and club racing. Encourage your boat neighbor to give it a try. All we ask is that you bring a signed 
    Waiver/Release/Emergency Contact form for you and your crew.
  5. Scoring Sheet and Novice Points
    There will not be a scoring sheet at the dock as there has been in the past. To have your place scored email and indicate if you were sailing Spinnaker, Non-Spinnaker or Bee Fleet. Also, and most importantly tell the boat that finished immediately in front of you and the one that finished after you. If you or your crew are a race novice add that to the score sheet. A novice is defined as a race participant that has been involved in 6 or fewer club races or regattas. You are allowed to count up to 2 novices on any given race.
    Novice points are designed to encourage opportunities for prospective sailors to enjoy club racing. So, each novice counted will subtract 1 from your race score. 1 is your lowest possible score. (For example, if you finish 4th and have two novices on board you will receive a score of 2. If you finish 2nd and have two novices on board, you receive a score of 1 because that is the lowest possible score.)
  6. Shortened Course for Low Wind
    The following method will be used to shorten the course for low wind days.
    • The call to shorten course will be made by consensus of 3 or more racing skippers or by the Race Director.
    • The decision to shorten course shall be made before the first boat’s start time under the following conditions:
    • If sustained winds are 3mph or less at the Nashville Airport weather station. Or wind conditions are visibly light on the lake.
    • And the wind forecast is not predicted to improve. 
    • The shorten course starting times on pages 2 and 4 of the starting times sheet shall be used. 
    • The shortened course is illustrated here.
    • Bee Fleet Note: Your shortened course will be the same as your normal course, but your start times are 10 minutes earlier to accommodate the lighter wind conditions.  See your start times on page 3.
  7. Abandoning the Race

    Racing for the day will be abandoned if no boat rounds the first mark by 7 pm.
    Racing will be abandoned if no boat finishes by 8 pm.

  8. Starting Times  (please print one to keep on your boat)

    Wednesday Night Starting Times (Non-Spinnaker & Spinnaker) Non-Spin and Bee Fleet starting times are on pages 3 and 4. Spinnaker starting times are on pages 1 and 2.

  9. Course Diagrams
  10. Monthly Wednesday Night Cookouts

Due to COVID there will be no cookouts this year.


If you are a PPYC member and want to participate in club races, but your boat does not appear on the starting times list above, please complete a PHRF Rating Application. For questions about handicaps and starting times, contact the PPYC Director of Racing.