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Sailing Education at PPYC

Learning to sail is certainly fun, but is a serious sport. The terminology can be confusing for awhile but is an essential part of your learning how to make the boat go forward at your command. The more often you sail, the better you get! Learning the parts of a sailboat and their use pertaining to sails, rigging, sail trim and wind direction are the start and continuation of your sailing journey into this exciting world.
PPYC’s educational programs span for the very basics to advanced skill development.

Learn the basics through Learning at the Helm (LATH) every Tuesday April-September.

Wednesday Night Racing is every Wednesday, April-October– arrive by 5:30pm to get on a boat for the first horn at 6:15pm.  If you are a boat owner but not ready for full competition, you can join the B Fleet.  This is new racers who are learning together with friendly competition.  Contact Fred Bartrom, Racing Director, for more information (

PPYC University
is a series of classroom style courses ranging from racing rules, sail trim, boat maintenance and more.  All classes are free to members. Check the Education Schedule on the for more information.

The Basic Sailing Course (BSC) is comprised of 6, two-hour blocks of instruction based on when the instructors offer their course (most blocks are weekdays at various times, but a few skippers have been offering to teach on weekends).  Although there is some "classroom" work, most of the learning is conducted on a sailboat. Our instructors are volunteers and capable sailors and teachers.  You will need to sign up online in advance via the website. Cost is $67 for the 6 lessons - $50 course fee plus $17 book.

Club Boat Program is open to all FULL PPYC members.  This allows access to the club’s O’Day 23 and Catalina 22 for daytime use outside of club activities.   The Club Boat Program is an additional $370 annually for private use of the club’s sailboats. You must pass a check-ride prior to being authorized to take boats out on your own.

Mentoring Program is designed for members who want to increase their skill but aren’t quite ready to go at it alone. Members are paired with an experienced skipper to go sailing and mentor their skill and knowledge.  

Youth Sailing is are open to the public for ages 8-15.  Youth can learn to sail at a 5 day summer day camp or a one-day Saturday session.  Learn more at

Come join PPYC to gain the experience of a lifetime on Percy Priest Lake at Hamilton Creek Sailboat Marina.