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For the most current PPYC-specific information about the Coronavirus situation, click here: Coronavirus Updates

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Commodore's Corner

Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone - it hardly seems possible we are already at the end of May when time seems to have stopped our lives in our tracks with this COVID-19 situation. I myself hope to be out on the water sailing this weekend, but no matter where you will be, enjoy time with family and friends to celebrate a very important day to salute our fallen soldiers. It is their sacrifice that helped make this country as great as it has become, and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude and homage. I was sad not long ago to hear about a 100-year old veteran who served in wars fighting for our country and lived a long life, only to be taken by this COVID-19 disease. It's just not right, just not fair. All of what's happening just doesn't seem right that such a worldwide disease has taken so many people and destroyed so many families and businesses. However, we are all in this together and will survive and be stronger!

A quick note of thanks to Carl Hellerqvist who donated his pressure washer to PPYC, the unit of which is in the shed. I don't know the condition of our other one but am sure Carl's will work great - thank you Carl! I'll have to figure out a system soon for our members and pressure washer usage, as the shed is always locked - TBD. If you need it soon, let me know - I'll work something out.

I am excited that we have proven ourselves able to move into Phase II this Monday. Charles will publish more guidelines on our Coronavirus Updates page as soon they’re available. I advised last week that all PPYC permits had been pulled until June 15th (also being advised that date could move). Not sure how all this is going to work yet but will keep you apprised as I know.

A new procedure is in place at the marina; even though Russell is on the premises, the building is still not open to the public yet. I understand also that the bathrooms that were vandalized are being repaired as we speak (or may even be finished by the time you read this Email). That's a relief for more than one reason! I also was advised that we had to move our club boat trailer out of the upper parking lot near the ramp, and that all boats / boat trailers needed to be removed by this weekend. Everyone now has to park in the lower parking lot. I believe there's a Metro plan in the works for converting the upper lot into a revenue producer. Awaiting further information.

God bless America - and love to all of you and can't wait for the hugs again!

Kathy Ware,Commodore             

Upcoming Events And Other Items Of 


Upcoming Events

Since all of our activities are cancelled through June 15, the only thing we'd like to communicate here is the importance of keeping in touch with us regularly on the overall Coronavirus situation -- as it relates to us, specifically.
All of our scheduled activities for 2020 remain on the Events Calendar, with “CANCELLED” in the titles of those up to and including June 15 and “TENTATIVE — To Be Re-Evaluated June 1“ for all remaining items in June and all items in July.
Please see the note Charles added in the Communications Corner section below about a special page we've added to keep you regularly and frequently updated on the overall status of the Coronavirus situation, including its impact on our Events schedule.

Other Items Of Interest

We’ve added a link to the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary’s newsletter page in the Member Resources section at our web site. Kathy subscribes to it and suggested that it would be a good resource for our members. You can always find it now by selecting Member Resources in the Main Menu. It’s listed with a number of other external links under the heading Useful Links. Here’s a direct link if you’d like to check it out now: USCGA Newsletters.

I’ve found it interesting that in the last couple of months I’ve seen a little new activity in our Forums section, which can be accessed from the Member Resources page. This section was apparently active in the past, but for some reason has until now lain more or less dormant for the past several years. Forums can be used for many purposes, and one recent and current use has been to provide a mechanism for implementing a Coronavirus Policy for the Club Boat Program [to ensure that whenever boat use is permitted again, scheduling is done in compliance with the policy.]
The other new Forum activity is in the Classifieds Forum, which is a place where members can post information about things they want to buy or sell. There are currently two recent posts by members who want to buy a boat [one of whom is your humble Communications Director.] If anybody has a boat they want to sell, they can connect with those two potential buyers at the Classifieds Forum, one of many features available on the Member Resources page.
This seems to me to be a nice feature available to our members. I’d suggest visiting the Forums section [under Member Resources] and browsing around. This Classifieds Forum might interest you, and who knows, you might find something else interesting. For your convenience, here’s a direct link to the Classifieds ForumClassifieds.

Don’t forget -- check the Coronavirus Updates page regularly for the latest information on how that plan relates specifically to PPYC [link below.]

Please Note. We’ve added a special Coronavirus Updates page to the Member Resources section.  We will post the most current PPYC-specific information we have about the Coronavirus situation there. You can access it through the Member Resources Menu, by clicking the link in the top banner on this page, or by clicking here: Coronavirus Updates

Charles Jones, Communications Director

Thanks for reading this communication. We'll see you around.


PPYC Turns 50 in 2020!

In just a few months, Percy Priest Yacht Club will celebrate our 50th ANNIVERSARY!!!

We’d like to thank all of you who’ve loaned us photos, newspaper and magazine clippings, videos, documents, etc., to include in a digital collection commemorating the history of our club.

Richard "Hook" Lewis has led this project, and he has begun returning these items back to you now that we have plenty of material and have moved into “production mode.” Thanks for helping us make this event the meaningful experience we know it will be for our members!  

Got questions?  Contact Richard at
 615.974.1894 or email him:


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2020 Regatta Schedule



Event Name

Regatta Chair

March 28, 2020

Force Five Regatta


May 16, 2020

Galen Freeman Regatta


May 17, 2020

Galen Freeman Regatta


June 13, 2020

Two Events - Luau and Double-Double Regatta (Red Cup event)


September 12, 2020

Rookie Race

Fred Bartrom

October 3, 2020

Octoberfest Regatta

Tom Ragsdale

October 17, 2020

Equalizer Regatta

James ODell

October 18, 2020

Equalizer Regatta

November 7, 2020

Fall Off Regatta

David Curtze

December 6, 2020

Kamikaze Regatta

James Odell


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