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Club Boat Program


PPYC welcomes all new members regardless of their social status, race or religion.  We are an all-inclusive sailing boat club.

If you are a competent sailor, looking for a way to enjoy a spectacular day on the water with family and friends, without owning a sailboat, then the PPYC’s Club Boat Program can be your answer!

There are many benefits offered by joining PPYC – attend various social events throughout the year, learn how and participate in our racing regattas throughout the sailing season, attend racing clinics, attend educational courses, meet other sailing enthusiasts, and make new friends.  And, joining the Club Boat Program can provide you a wonderful way to enjoy a fun day on the water as skipper of the vessel!

PPYC maintains two sailboats available for Club Boat Member's use, the O’Day 23 and the Catalina 22.  Both boats are fully equipped with main sails and a choice of foresails (jibs) depending on the wind that day.  Both sailboats are equipped with US Coast Guard-required safety equipment. Swim ladders are a nice “extra” for those hot days when you can pull into one of the many secluded coves, “drop a hook” and go for a refreshing dip.

The Club Boat Program offers the advantage of using our sailboats, because you may not wish to become a boat owner yet.  Our program allows you time to become more proficient on the water before you may want to make that big purchase yourself!

How great is it to reserve one of our sailboats, come down to the dock with your day’s provisions, rig your club boat, sail around for a few hours, come back to the dock, put her to bed and go home!!  Now THAT’s a deal for $370 a year!                                                                                                                                               


  1. How can I become a member of the Club Boat Program?
    1. You must be a paid member of PPYC in good standing.
    2. You must prove your sailing competency by passing the required, on-the-water check ride with one of our qualified instructors.
    3. You need to be available to perform periodic maintenance tasks on the boats, such as occasional washings, and volunteer to help with non-technical repairs.  These work days are scheduled by the Club Boat Committee and are fun days of fellowship and keeping the boats properly maintained.
  2. How much does it cost per year to join the Club Boat Program?
    1. In addition to your PPYC dues ($180.00/year), an additional fee of $370.00/year is due at the time of acceptance into the Club Boat Program.
  3. How much time will I actually get to sail? 
    1. Since reservations are all made online, you are allowed to reserve the boats for 2 times/week for 4 hours each and one weekend day per week.  Historically, there have been no complaints with regard to boat availability.  Yes, of course, weekends get reserved prior to weekdays. However, you can reserve a boat up to 30 days in advance through the on-line reservation system.  Bearing in mind that Percy Priest Lake is a man-made reservoir covering approximately 14,000 acres, you have plenty of space and time to enjoy your hours of sailing.
  4. When are the boats available? 
    1. Boats are available in blocks of time as follows:
      • Reservations for specific from-to times in half-hour increments can be made. The default duration will be two hours, but a shorter or longer duration can be entered.
      • For each reservation, a 15-minute setup time will be tacked on to the beginning and a 15-minute cleanup time will be tacked on to the end
    2. On any given day, all members are expected to use common sense — including taking into account times already reserved that day by others — to avoid essentially breaking up the day and rendering it mostly unavailable to others even if only 2 to 4 total hours are actually being reserved.
    3. Boats must be back in their slips by dusk.
    4. No overnights are permitted.
  5. How do I apply for membership in the Club Boat Program?
    1. Becoming a member of the program is a three-step process. The first step is to complete the online form CBP Membership Application located on the Member Resources page.
    2. Usually within 24-48 hours, a member of the CBP Administration Team will contact you to schedule your Check Ride.
    3. Usually within 24-36 hours of successful completion of your Check Ride, a member of the CBP Administration Team will contact you to make payment arrangements. Usually within 24-36 hours of receipt of your payment, you will receive notice that you have been added to the CBP Member Roster.This change will be reflected in the your Member Profile, will result in 1) your being able to make Club Boat reservations using the  online reservation system, 2) your having access to any web site pages available only to CBP members, and 3) your receiving all future communications sent only to CBP members.