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Click this box for important recent information (including PPYC-specific Coronavirus Updates)
Click this box for important recent information (including PPYC-specific Coronavirus Updates)
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For the most current PPYC-specific information about the Coronavirus situation, click here: 
Coronavirus Updates
To view a State Of Our Club message from our Commodore and Board, click here: State Of Our Club
For an overview of features added to our web site this year, click here: Our Web Site — What’s New

For Full-Year Calendar, Click Here
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Commodore's Corner

Hard to believe we are around the corner from our first regattas (Oktoberfest and Equalizer). The Wednesday night (WNR) series will end in 2 more races this month and put to bed until next year. Mother Nature was certainly not very kind with wind in the past couple of Wednesdays. Ah, the woes of sailing!


Registration was opened for the Equalizer Regatta on September 1st and already have 6 boats registered, 4 of which are from out of town. The PRO and Race Committee is confirmed for the Equalizer, but there is still a need for chase boat operators. If you would like to volunteer for this slot, please contact Craig Dooley or Fred Bartrom. Octoberfest registration will be opened this week, so keep your eyes on the website for all sign-ups.


Due to the COVID-19 dilemma and having had all our programs halted, thereby offering no opportunities for volunteerism this year, the Service Hours agreement for 2021 is being reviewed by the Board and we’ll keep you apprised. Obviously, you will not be penalized for being unable to meet your volunteer hours in 2020!


Missing all of you and hope to see you at the marina soon!

Kathy Ware, Commodore

Upcoming Events And Other Items Of 


Upcoming Events
Reservations for the Equalizer Regatta (October 17-18) are now open. 6 boats have already registered, 4 of which are from out of town. Registration for the Octoberfest Regatta will be opening soon, so keep your eyes on the website for all sign-ups.
Wednesday Night Races resumed on August 26th. If you are not familiar with racing, and you want to just take your boat out for a sail and watch the race from the sideline, please do so! This will be a good way for you to see how it works and enjoy an evening sail with the club. If your navigation lights work, consider hanging around for the full moon. See the Wednesday Night Races page for more information on special procedures required for participation.
Most other scheduled activities for 2020 so far have been cancelled. Those that remain on the Events Calendar with future dates are currently marked either “CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE” or “TENTATIVE” in the titles of those through September. For events after September, the Calendar is consistent with our status as outlined by Kathy in her recent Newsletter columns, as is the Coronavirus Updates page.

Please see the note Charles added in the Communications Corner section below about a special page we've added to keep you regularly and frequently updated on the overall status of the Coronavirus situation, including its impact on our Events schedule.             

Communications Corner

In the August 7th issue of this Newsletter, I mentioned a number of enhancements we’ve made to our website this year. Since the pandemic’s regulatory restraints that kept us “in irons” until August are finally allowing us to “fall off” and begin to make a little headway from an activities perspective, I thought a quick recap of one of the new features might be in order. That feature, along with one of the long-standing segments of our Newsletters and the Upcoming Events listing on the Home page, provide a way to quickly get a feel for what’s going on.

The Upcoming Events listing on the Home page is immediately visible any time you visit the site (,) and is self-explanatory. Events within 90 days are always displayed, and if you want to see events farther out you can click the For Full Year Calendar, Click Here button at the top of the list.

The long-standing segment of our Newsletters I mentioned is the Upcoming Activities and Other Items Of Interest section between the Commodore’s Corner and this Communications Corner. Obviously, that section remained pretty much the same this year until August, so if you’ve read it in the past but quit looking at it because there wasn’t much activity there, you should get back to looking at it now that the content is referencing actual upcoming events.

The new feature I mentioned plays a very important role in making up-to-the-minute information quickly available to you. It’s the red banner box at the top of the Home page that says Click this box for important recent information (including PPYC-specific Coronavirus Updates). In early August, that box replaced the single link that had been there since early in the year to provide quick access to the Coronavirus Updates page. It is now a horizontal across-the-screen box which when clicked expands to display multiple lines of special current information. In addition to the original line providing a link to the Coronavirus Updates page, two additional lines now appear when you click the box: To view a State Of Our Club message from our Commodore and Board, click here: State Of Our Club; and For an overview of features added to our web site this year, click here: Our Web Site -- What's New. Over time, the content within the expanded box will change based on the current situation. The expandable box approach allowed us to keep multiple important quick-links highly visible while avoiding the clutter that would result from keeping multiple banner lines always visible individually.

I’ll close by mentioning another enhancement we’d like you to always keep in mind — an easy way to communicate with us by clicking the Communicate tab in the Public Menu or the Member Resources tab in the Member menu. Either path will take you to our User Feedback Form.

Don’t forget -- check the Coronavirus Updates page regularly for the latest information on how that plan relates specifically to PPYC [link below.]

Please Note. We’ve added a special Coronavirus Updates page to the Member Resources section.  We will post the most current PPYC-specific information we have about the Coronavirus situation there. You can access it through the Member Resources Menu, by clicking the link in the top banner on this page, or by clicking here: Coronavirus Updates

Charles Jones, Communications Director

Thanks for reading this communication. We'll see you around.


PPYC Turns 50 in 2020!

December 3rd through 5th, Percy Priest Yacht Club will celebrate our 50th ANNIVERSARY!!!

We’d like to thank all of you who loaned us photos, newspaper and magazine clippings, videos, documents, etc., to include in a digital collection commemorating the history of our club.

Richard "Hook" Lewis has led this project. Many thanks to him for helping us make this event the meaningful experience we know it will be for our members! 

More detail about this three-day time of celebration can be found by accessing this item on the Event Calendar [50th Anniversary Celebration.]

Got questions?  Contact Richard at
 615.974.1894 or email him:


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2020 Regatta Schedule



Event Name

Regatta Chair

March 28, 2020

Force Five Regatta


May 16, 2020

Galen Freeman Regatta


May 17, 2020

Galen Freeman Regatta


June 13, 2020

Two Events - Luau and Double-Double Regatta (Red Cup event)


September 12, 2020

Rookie Race


October 3, 2020

Octoberfest Regatta

Tom Ragsdale

October 17, 2020

Equalizer Regatta

James ODell

October 18, 2020

Equalizer Regatta

November 7, 2020

Fall Off Regatta

David Curtze

December 6, 2020

Kamikaze Regatta

James Odell


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