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Upcoming Events

Commodore's Corner
Fred Bartrom


At our Annual PPYC Member meeting in January a motion was made and passed to form an independent Review Committee to review the provisions of the PPYC Constitution and the PPYC By-laws for any conflicts and to report back to PPYC Members at the January 2020 annual meeting.  The PPYC board voted unanimously at its February 4, 2019 meeting to establish this committee and that it will comprise two board members and three PPYC members who are not on the board.  Gary Pack and Sheila Armstrong were selected as the board members to serve on this committee because they were not on the board when amendments to the By-laws were made.  Gary will chair the committee.  We would like to extend an invitation to PPYC members to let us know if they would like to serve on this Review Committee. So the committee can be independent from the issues considered, it will be made up of members that can be unbiased in the review, interpretation or comparison of these documents.  This leaves me out as a committee member because I was part of the 2018 board. However, the Review Committee will not operate in a vacuum and will provide ample opportunities for all concerned members to express any opinions and recommendations they may have.

If you would like to be considered to be part of this Review Committee, please respond by email to Gary ( and
Sheila (

Let’s go sailing!


Saturday's Food Safety Course: 
We Had a Blast!

Six of us took Saturday's class taught by Richard "Hook" Lewis.  Best part of all?  We had a feast afterwards!

In the class picture below, seated are: Catherine Hayden, Richard "Hook" Lewis, Sheila Armstrong. 
Second row:  David Pilcher, Martha Ann Pilcher, Karen Torr, John Summers.

Second picture:  Look what all we made! 

Thank you to Richard Lewis who made this class fun and very informative.  "I recommend this class to everyone -- worth every minute!" -- Sheila Armstrong, participant.


Food Safety Class "Let

Communications Corner
Sheila Armstrong

Ahoy, everyone!

I had a wonderful time Saturday learning how to feed a crowd safely and efficiently.  Six of our PPYC friends took this class and we had a great time.  The time flew by as we saw demonstrations, cooked and asked questions.  The best part???  We sat down to a feast afterwards!  See the pictures on the website.

Sailing classes and Wednesday night racing start in April.  Lots of education classes are on the schedule to get you ready for April sailing!  Our event schedule is up to date so that you can plan ahead.
Note as your Communications Director: If you notice any incorrect information or discover a broken link, I would appreciate hearing from you ASAP.

Again, looking forward to the best year of sailing.  Wishing you all happy trails!

Take care,

Sheila Armstrong
Communications Director

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“Learning at the Helm” (LATH) is a program sponsored by Percy Priest Yacht Club, meeting principally out of Hamilton Creek Sailboat Marina. This group of sailors meets every Tuesday night, April through September.