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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Commodore's Corner
Fred Bartrom


Last week I talked about why the Bee Fleet came about. This week, I want to dig a little into the “what” and “how.”


What is the Bee Fleet? Quite simply it is opportunity to race your sailboat in a format that is enjoyable and friendly to beginners and to sailors who are primarily cruisers. It is a chance for skippers and Club Boat skippers to get your boat on the water with friends, family and other PPYC members. It is opportunity to connect skippers with crew. It is a way to improve your sailing skills by sailing a course, working on right of way rules and getting more familiar with your boat. The Bee Fleet is opportunity to sail in several of our organized events and we hope it will lead to people enjoying their boats more on evenings and weekends when there isn’t an event.


How does the Bee Fleet work? The fleet integrates into our normal events in the following ways:

  • Wednesday Night Racing: We start Bee Fleet boats a little after the other racers and sail a little shorter course.
  • Double Double: Bee Fleet sail’s a course close to the committee boat while other race fleets sail around an island course. On the water coaching and ride-along coaches are encouraged.
  • In September, we once again have planned a PPYC U training class on the 7th that is geared for sailors who don’t have a lot of race experience.
  • Then, on September 14th we will have the Rookie Race that is an on the water follow up to the class. Last year we received a lot of very positive feedback from those who participated. This is the third year with this format and it has been growing each year. I would love to see us double the participation from last year.
  • Fall Off Regatta: Bee Fleet sail’s in a format similar to what is done in the Double Double.
  • My hope is the Bee Fleet will continue to gain steam and that we will see our first Fleet Captain that comes from within the Bee Fleet ranks in 2019. Are you that person? Organized fleets can communicate with each other, can host social and casual sailing events and assist each other as needed.

I have already dealt with the why, what and how of the Bee Fleet. The only thigs left are who, when and where. If the “who” is you, then the "when" is Saturday, March 30th and the "where" is Hamilton Creek club house


The Force Five Regatta is open for registration!


Don’t miss these other upcoming events: Bee Fleet Meet & Greet on 3/30; Hamilton Creek Marina Clean-Up 4/6, Force Five Regatta 4/13, PPYC U - Edith Collins Presents 4/27.

Let’s go sailing!


Commodore's Meet and Greet, Saturday, March 16, 2019

Some of the many pictures shared from this event.

Communications Corner
Sheila Armstrong

First things first -- Happy Spring!  I have spring fever pretty bad right now and just want to be out in the sunshine.   

Last Saturday afternoon we had a full house at the Commodore's Social.  I loved meeting new folks and seeing my friends.  Richard Lewis and crew pulled out all the stops serving steak and shrimp with all the trimmings.  So much work goes into making an event like this look effortless and I want to thank Richard, his crew and everyone else who helped make the Commodore's Social a great success!  See the pictures on the webpage.

Another event is on the horizon that I am asking you to come help -- the annual Hamilton Creek Clean-Up Day, April 8th, 8-4pm. This is where we show up in our grungiest attire, pull on some gloves and go to work putting a shine on everything.  We are cleaning everything -- clubhouse insides and outside, storage shed, kitchen, grills, etc.  This year we will also need help getting our club boats ready for the sailing season, just a few weeks away.

I will be there "bright-eyed and bushy tailed" when the doors open at 8am.  I promise if you come join me you will have fun and we will laugh our way through all of our chores. The clean up is a "rain or shine" event.  Sign up like all the really cool folks are doing here...

Cool Person's registration link for Hamilton Creek Marina Clean-Up Day

Again, looking forward to the best year of sailing.  Wishing you all happy trails!

Take care,

Sheila Armstrong
Communications Director

Note as your Communications Director: If you notice any incorrect information or discover a broken link, I would appreciate hearing from y

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