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Date: 9/10/2021
Subject: PPYC Newsletter
From: PPYC Communications Director

What’s Up At PPYC
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What’s Happ’nin’ …

From 1-4pm on September 25th, Joyce Matlock will be teaching a complimentary sailing course sponsored by PPYC at the American Legion Post 88 building, 2717 McCampbell Ave. You will not want to miss this course. It’s limited in seating for only 30 people, so registration is requiredAt PPYC, you probably have some sailing goals to become a sailor, brush up on your skills, learn the points-of-sail and how to set your sails to get to where you want to go. You may want to be good crew whether racing or cruising or gain in the understanding that leads to the confidence to be a skipper. Find out more about this training at, and register by clicking this event in the Upcoming Events at the left of our Home page. After the class, open bar, dinner, and a band — on your own for a good time with friends.
Thanks to Hurricane Ida, our last LATH session this year ended up being 8/24 instead of 8/31 — and it was a bit different from the norm. Had I needed a shave, I could have used the lake as a mirror. Absent enough wind to bother with sails, we all decided to motor out to teach anchoring. Two other interesting things about the day … In one of three anchoring exercises, my anchor dragged up a cinder block and partial rode somebody had used as an anchor in the past. My crew skillfully cut it away, so all was well. And get this … As most of us tried to catch one little breeze that came up for maybe 45 minutes, our former Commodore Fred Bartrom was the most successful. With only a spinnaker up, he squeezed a knot or two of forward motion longer than any of the rest of us. For that one little breeze, though, all of us were able to at least teach hoisting and lowering sails, tacking and/or jibing (tricky, but at least going through the motions,) and flaking the Main. All in all, it was a fun outing.
The 9/5 Fireworks event for Cruisers was also a fun outing. See pics at the Cruising Events Photo Album. The list of people who’ve asked to be on the mailing list for Cruisers has grown to 23 this summer. If you’d like to add yourself to the list, just send an email to Future events are in the Upcoming Events list on the left side of the Home page. They are listed as placeholder entries until a week or so prior to their dates, at which time details are included.
On August 18th, David Curtze, who took on the role of Board oversight of the Club Boat Program earlier this year, announced some administrative changes in the program. On behalf of our Board, he expressed sincere thanks to Nick Romer and those who have served with him on the Club Boat Committee for the time and effort they have put into the club boat program over the last five of more years. … thanks for keeping it going through some tough times and for all the things they did that no one knew they did. We greatly appreciate what they all did and agree that they have completed the intended purpose of the Committee as originally deemed. Great job! … Moving forward, instead of a full committee, we will have one chair of the CBP. The chair will have full support from a board member. … Please welcome Javier De La Rosa to the position of Committee Chair of the Club Boat program. Javier looks forward to continuing your efforts over the last several years and to continued success and growth of the program. Javier is a fellow CBP member who likes to cruise and race. We thank Nick Roemer and the previous Committee members, and will support Javier and all of the CBP members as he transitions into this role.
Finally, some brief updates on some previously reported items:
  • Masks are now required again in Metro facilities [of which HCSM is one.] There are exceptions, but most of them are related to Metro employees while in their offices and people with medical or other reasons they cannot wear masks. You can read Mayor Cooper’s August 5th Executive Order in detail at this link: Metro Policy On COVID-19 — Updated 2021-08-05. PPYC’s policy on compliance with regulations issued by governmental agencies under whose authority we operate can be accessed at this link: PPYC Policy On Compliance With Regulations.
  • If logging in at our web site is not something you often do, it would be worth your time to log in once in a while and avail yourself of the substantially expanded view that logged-in members see. So check it out, maybe starting with this link to a page summarizing the many enhancements we’ve made over the past year or so: Our Web Site — What’s New.
Go do some sailing -- and greet each other on the water when you’re out!

Charles Jones, Communications Director

Percy Priest Yacht Club

PO Box 290485
Nashville, TN 37229