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Date: 8/6/2021
Subject: PPYC Newsletter
From: Communications Director

What’s Up At PPYC
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For about two years, we’ve had a newly-designed Skipper/Crew Matchups link on our web site, and as we’ve gotten back to normal this year with our sailing activities the rate of signups in the Crew Needed and Crew Available Directories has been increasing rapidly. If you are either a boat owner [or Club Boat Program member] or a person who wants opportunities to sail [or to learn how to sail,] you should read this short paragraph to get some very useful information about this feature. … First, it’s available to anyone by clicking on Sail in the main menu on our Home Page and selecting Crew:Needed/Available from the list that appears. Second, you can add your name and contact information to either or both Directories by filling out a simple form. Third, there are PPYC events that provide opportunities for matchups on Wednesday nights, Sunday afternoons, and during nine weekend Regattas each year. Interested? Access the Skipper/Crew Matchup section through the menu as described above, or use these direct links: Home Page, Skipper/Crew Matchups, Crew Needed Directory Signup, or Crew Available Directory Signup. Also, if you are using or have used this feature already, your feedback and any suggestions you’d like to offer can be shared with us at this link: User Feedback Form. And if you want to learn how to sail, check out our Learning At The Helm program anytime by clicking Learn in the main menu and selecting Learning At The Helm in the list that displays, or you can access it now at this link: Learning at the Helm (LATH).
Masks are now required again in Metro facilities [of which HCSM is one.] There are exceptions, but most of them are related to Metro employees while in their offices and people with medical or other reasons they cannot wear masks. You can read Mayor Cooper’s August 5th Executive Order in detail at this link: Metro Policy On COVID-19 — Updated 2021-08-05. PPYC’s policy on compliance with regulations issued by governmental agencies under whose authority we operate can be accessed at this link: PPYC Policy On Compliance With Regulations.
The Rookie Race is coming up in September. It’s actually in two parts — a PPYCU classroom session Prep for the Rookie Race will be held September 4th from 1 to 4pm. The actual race is September 11th. More information on each of these will be sent out between now and September 4th, and will be added to the calendar items as well.
And on September 25th from 1-4pm, a special PPYCU educational class will be held at an outside facility — How to Sail and Points-of-Sail Training. It will be taught by Joyce Matlock, an excellent sailing teacher we’re fortunate to have among us. More details will be available soon in the Events Calendar. Registration is required because of space.
Wedding bells are ringing! … Kathy Ware, our Commodore last year and current Past Commodore, has been dating Travis Turk of Old Hickory [now a member of PPYC and learning to sail] since August 2020, and they were engaged April 10th this year. Their wedding will be Saturday September 18th at her church. Many of you knew Kathy’s husband Bob who passed several years ago, and will appreciate something she said to me this week, “God has blessed me once again with a wonderful man for another chance at love and life. I have prayed that Bob is looking down from Heaven and happy for me, as we were so close.” Kathy and Travis’ new address is 202 Scenic Ridge Court, Old Hickory, TN 37138. Her previous home phone [615-754-9944] is no longer in service, but her cell [615-594-5118] is her main contact number. Her email address remains the same: Congratulations to Kathy and Travis!
Here are some quick notes on things we all need to be aware of:
  • Boston Whaler. … For anyone who uses the Boston Whaler, please note: 1) don’t use gas that contains ethanol; and 2) don’t add oil to the gas. Doing either of these will lead to costly repairs that could have been avoided by simply not doing them.
  •  Updated Kitchen Policy. … It’s very important that all members understand this policy and why it is necessary. It can be accessed anytime online at this link: Kitchen Policy.
Finally, some brief updates on some previously reported items:
  • The number of people who’ve sent requests to be included in all of our cruising-related communications is growing steadily. If you would like to be included in that list, let us know at and we’ll add you to it [don’t worry, you won’t get an email every time someone posts they are headed out to sail.]
  • If logging in at our web site is not something you often do, it would be worth your time to log in once in a while and avail yourself of the substantially expanded view that logged-in members see. So check it out, maybe starting with this link to a page summarizing the many enhancements we’ve made over the past year or so: Our Web Site — What’s New.
Go do some sailing -- and greet each other on the water when you’re out!

Charles Jones, Communications Director

Percy Priest Yacht Club

PO Box 290485
Nashville, TN 37229