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Date: 7/10/2020
Subject: Email To The PPYC Membership
From: Communications Director

PPYC Newsletter
Commodore's Corner
Ahoy sailors! Here’s an update on where we stand regarding PPYC operations and the Metro Nashville Parks regulations. As most of you know, Nashville has experienced an increasing rate of Covid-19 cases. Consequently, Metro has moved from Phase 3 reopening back to Phase 2 in an attempt to slow the rate of increase for new cases. The result is that the limitations on our operations are such that it is currently impractical to host any events until Metro restrictions have loosened somewhat. The Board will be considering options at its meeting Monday evening, and I will have more details for you next Friday.

Currently, for any PPYC sponsored events, the maximum number of participants at Hamilton Creek Marina (in the clubhouse and outside) is 25. If there is a class inside the clubhouse, the maximum number of students and teachers combined is 12. Requirements to wear masks, distance from others, sanitize, etc. will apply inside and outside.

While we have no regattas planned until September, if we were to try to have a regatta now the maximum participants, i.e., skippers, crew, race committee staff, and support staff, could not exceed 25 persons. The number of persons involved with a typical regatta generally exceeds 25. The same applies to Wednesday Night Racing, so WNR still remains cancelled.

The Club Boat program can begin operation subject to certain restrictions related to cleaning and sanitizing the boats. Specific details on this program will be provided to those who are Club Boat members.

LATH could start, but we are limited to 25 participants including skippers, crew, and shore support staff. Typically, we have at least 10 boats/skippers and 2 participants per boat, which means we would exceed the 25-participant limit. Further discussions are ongoing on whether this program can resume this year.

The Board and I are monitoring this situation very closely and will resume our programs and activities as soon as Metro requirements allow, and it is safe to do so. We are also writing a Policy providing the details for complying with Metro requirements and will be sharing that with you once it is final.

Thanks to Richard Lewis (aka Capt. Hook) for his ongoing loyalty and volunteerism to constantly oversee our 3 race boats (Committee and 2 chase) which is not his job!! He spent hours today at the marina, handling maintenance on our Committee Boat. He is reaching out for club volunteers to set a date at the marina to wash our 2 safety boats, clean the covers and the interiors, if needed. He says this is not a group need but simply one or two persons. He has a list of things to accomplish, and he'll bring the truck! Please get in touch with Richard to volunteer at 615/974.1894 or Email

If any of you would like to share sailing trips or current sailing stories with our members, please feel free to send to Charles Jones (Communications Director) with any photos for our weekly newsletters. We’d love to know what our members are doing! See the great photo below from John Calvano.

Hoping to see you soon!

Kathy Ware, Commodore
Some sailors coming off the water from sailing Wednesday night. WOW! John Calvano, thanks for that beautiful photo. Please keep them coming to me to publish!".

Upcoming Events And Other Items Of Interest
Upcoming Events
As has turned out to be the case, all of our scheduled activities for 2020 so far have been cancelled. Those that remain on the Events Calendar with future dates are currently still marked “CANCELLED” in the titles of those through July 15 and “TENTATIVE — Being Re-Evaluated Weekly" for those in July after July 15. The Calendar will be updated no later than noon Saturday [probably sooner] to be consistent with our status as outlined by Kathy in her column, as will the Coronavirus Updates page.
Please see the note Charles added in the Communications Corner section below about a special page we've added to keep you regularly and frequently updated on the overall status of the Coronavirus situation, including its impact on our Events schedule.

Communications Corner
As I’m sure is the case with all of you, holidays and other occasions for celebration have been “learning experiences in ingenuity” in my family since March of this year. Most recently was Fathers Day, and I’ll close with something about that below.

This year, I turned 75 in April and our son turned 50 in June. Since late last year, we had been planning a huge “blowout” year that included a Nashville venue weekend in April, a Baton Rouge [where our son lives] venue weekend in June, and a Gulf Coast venue longer-weekend in July at our favorite resort in that area, Portofino in Pensacola Beach. All three, of course, included sailing — Percy Priest Lake, Lake Pontchartrain, and a bareboat charter out of Pensacola Beach.

Enter stage left — COVID-19, with travel restrictions, social distancing and all that. That was clearly the pin that burst that balloon. I won’t go into detail for how we modified the first two components to still enjoy very memorable celebrations, but with Zoom, some clever cardboard people sitting around our dining table, etc., We’re actually holding out hope that we may yet be able to pull off the last component in Pensacola Beach before cold weather sets in.

For Fathers Day, my daughter and granddaughter came over and brought lunch from one of our favorite restaurants. We had a socially distant, guidelines-compliant lunch on our patio and thoroughly enjoyed it. The part I wanted to close this article with is not the nice bottle of wine they brought itself, but the gift bag it was in [see picture below.] It’s made entirely of materials that would be found on sailboats — sail cloth, rigging, etc. I may be the only member of our club that didn’t already know of stuff like that, but I thought it was really cool.
Don’t forget to check the Coronavirus Updates page regularly for the latest information on how that plan relates specifically to PPYC [Link below.]
Please Note. We’ve added a special Coronavirus Updates page to the Member Resources section.  We will post the most current PPYC-specific information we have about the Coronavirus situation there. You can access it through the Member Resources Menu, by clicking the link in the top banner on this page, or by clicking here: Coronavirus Updates

Charles Jones, Communications Director
This gift bag is made entirely of materials that would be found on sailboats — sail cloth, rigging, etc. I may be the only member of our club that didn’t already know of stuff like that, but I thought it was a really cool way that my daughter chose to package her Fathers Day gift to me. [She's a sailor, too!]

Thanks for reading this communication. We'll see you around.