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US Coast Guard Auxiliary's Boating Safety Course March 9th, 8-4pm
Published on: 1/28/2019
BOAT TENNESSEE – A Course on Responsible Boating – is a course designed for both adults and youth operating all types of pleasure boats on Tennessee waters. The course was developed by BoatEd in cooperation with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and the U. S. Power Squadrons, the State of Tennessee and is approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA). Topics covered include: introduction to boating, boating laws, personal safety equipment, safe boat handling, navigation, boating problems, trailering & storing your boat, hunting & fishing, waterskiing, personal watercraft, river boating, health & safety concerns and Homeland Security considerations.


Individuals who successfully complete the course and exam are awarded certificates of completion. Some marine insurance companies offer discounts on boat insurance to those individuals who have successfully compl
Food Handlers Permit and ASP Permits offered by Metro Government: You Pass & We Will Pay Fee
Published on: 1/26/2019
We are looking for volunteers to attend one of or both Metro classes listed below. We need a trained group of 7 folks to help out through the year.

Alcohol Server Permit, cost is approximately eighty dollars depending on where and who gives the test. The minimum passing score is 82. I will pay the cost of the eight hour course if you pass. And person taking the test agrees to help our club during the year.

Food Handlers Permit is also eight hours of instructions with test to follow. I will cover the cost if you pass and agree to help serve our club.

For additional information and class dates, contact:
Richard Lewis

Info about these classes can also be found at
Learning at the Helm Tuesday Evening Classes Start April 2nd!
Published on: 1/18/2019
This is where you start your sailing journey. Come join us for a summer of fun learning along with other beginner sailors how to sail. Our skippers are expert sailors and will be teaching parts of the boats, how sail position against the wind propels the boat, and how to navigate the boat to get from point A to B to C...
Tune Up For 2019
Published on: 12/27/2018
If you are going on a warm weather retreat this winter, consider adding on a sailing skills class and when you return, share your knowledge with the club.


Navigating Our Website: How to Login
Published on: 1/20/2019
Hey, we get it. You've been hibernating through the holidays and now you are a little rusty when it comes to logging in. We are hear to help!


New Section, "How Do I...?", added to PPYC Document Link
Published on: 1/25/2019
Need help finding something on our website? Can't get logged in? Check out our short "How To" documents on navigating our website like a champ. New titles being added regularly.
Dues Increase to $180 starting 2019 Calendar Year Voted in Unanimously
Published on: 1/11/2019
Annual Membership Meeting outcome
Motion Passed to Review Club’s Constitution and By-Laws
Published on: 1/11/2019
Annual Membership Meeting outcome