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Crew Positions

Each boat requires a different number of crew to sail it effectively in a race.  Below are the most common crew positions.

  • Skipper  Helms the boat, coordinates the work of the crew, often calls tactics and trims the main sail.
  • Genoa Trimmer Trims the headsail (jib or genoa) upwind.  Some crews may use two crewmembers for gross and fine trim of the headsail.
  • Spinnaker Trimmer  Trims the spinnaker downwind.
  • Foredeck   Sets, takes down and jibes the spinnaker or whisker pole, hoists and releases the spinnaker and headsail halyards.
  • Mid-Boat  May also be referred to as Pit or Sewer.  Mid-Boat works with Foredeck to set/takedown the spinnaker and headsails.  May also help with tacking the genoa or calling tactics.
  • Tactician  Makes decisions regarding strategy during a race.  On some boats, the skipper is also the tactician.