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Mentoring Program


This program will pair Basic Sailing Course graduates with a skilled skipper for a confidence-building sailing experience. It will last 4-6 sessions with 1-3 other sailors.

There are many in the club who have completed the Basic Sailing Course but are not ready to set sail on their own boat or through the Club Boat Program. The Mentoring Program is your ticket to feeling well prepared to take the Club Boat Program check ride on the O’Day 23 or the Catalina 22. We will use these 2 boats for the Mentoring Program.

The intention is to get more folks out sailing and increase the utilization of the club boats. The curriculum will be based around the areas you want to strengthen.

There will be a sign up process, so that you can be matched with a mentor. Please e-mail the Sailing Director with your contact information, and the days and times you can make this commitment.