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Upcoming Events

Commodore's Corner
Fred Bartrom


Why was the Bee Fleet formed? Early in 2017 I was the new race director without a clue. I wasn’t new to sailing, but I had only been racing since 2014. I knew the enjoyment I was getting out of sailing in Wednesday night racing and club regattas. But, I also remembered some of the hesitations I felt when I started participating. The start line, the close quarters sailing, it seemed intimidating. But on the other hand, sailing a course, working on boat handling skills, comradery with a crew and other sailors was very satisfying. With the help of some good friends and some forgiving competitors, I was able to get started and found it very rewarding.

Fast forward to 2017. Kenny Cooper and Gene Loveless had raced together for years. Gene had some great advice on things he had done at Harbor Island. So, I started meeting with other sailors, researching what other yacht clubs were doing and the idea of a new fleet was formed. The idea was simple, structure a new fleet to have activities that would be friendly to beginning sailors and fun for sailors who are primarily cruisers. Format the racing to be lower pressure, relax the rules to allow on the water coaching and don’t pressure the skippers to move up to more competitive fleets if they aren’t interested. So, the Bee Fleet was born.

If the “why” I spelled out above sounds like it is a fit for you, or you are just curious, please sign up now and come see us on the 30th.

Don’t miss these upcoming events: Sign up now for the Bee Fleet Meet and Greet on 3/30. LATH and Wednesday Night Racing start 4/2 and 4/3. Check out our full slate of activities on the PPYC website. Don’t forget to login to see all the events.

The Force Five Regatta is now open for registration!

Let’s go sailing!


Night sailing

Just a few short weeks until our 2019 sailing season begins!

Communications Corner
Sheila Armstrong

Last week's Boating Safety class was very good!  Twelve folks attended the meeting that was chock full of important information for all kinds of boaters -- sail, power, fishing, kayak, and jet ski.  I was impressed with the program and the depth of knowledge of our instructors. We learned which life jacket to use for the job, how to operate a fire extinguisher, rights of way, who to contact to report an injury or boat damage, lights required on your boat when it is dark outside, communication signals, etc.  Who knew there was so much to learn?  I braved the test afterwards and passed it with flying colors!  I felt I accomplished something important. Now I am much more confident that I can take charge should the situation arise. I give this class two thumbs up!

Tomorrow afternoon I will be attending the annual Commodore's Meet & Greet Social.  I will be at the sign in table -- I didn't want to miss out on meeting everyone attending.  I also plan to take lots of pictures and will post the flattering ones on our website for you to enjoy. Remember to come dressed casually.  We are going to have a wonderful time.  I am so looking forward to seeing everyone!

Again, looking forward to the best year of sailing.  Wishing you all happy trails!

Take care,

Sheila Armstrong
Communications Director

Note as your Communications Director: If you notice any incorrect information or discover a broken link, I would appreciate hearing from you ASAP.

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