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Upcoming Events

Commodore's Corner
Fred Bartrom


The Galen Freeman One Design regatta and Catalina 22 Region 3 Championship is this weekend! Our hearts go out to Galen and his family in the loss of Carolyn, his wife of 50 years. Galen is planning a Celebration of Life service at the Marina following the Regatta on Sunday.

With the Regatta this weekend and the upcoming Double Double race in June, I wanted to give an abbreviation of my “Why Race” article.

Why Race? You may have heard, “any time two sailors are headed the same direction, you have a sailboat race because one or both of them are tweaking their sails trying to get a speed advantage.” (Guilty) But the answer goes a little deeper than “we race because it is in our nature.” Organized sailboat racing adds value to sailors who participate. Not everyone needs to be a hard core racer. But, I encourage everyone to at least make racing a part of your sailing mix. If you do, you will get more out of your time on the water. Here are a few of my reasons. I hope some will strike a chord with you.

  • Racing is a great way to get acquainted with a lot of different kinds of sailboats. Just about every make and model of sailboat has been raced at one time or another. The skippers of each are proud of their vessel and are eager to tell of their virtues. But, we also know about their warts and don't mind sharing that information as well. Volunteer to crew on a boat you are interested in and find out first-hand.
  • Racing reinforces navigation and right of way rules. Racing puts you close together. It forces you to practice the rules of the road. That may sound intimidating but making right of way rules second nature is a critical safety skill.
  • Racing provides a social platform for interacting with like-minded people. For the most part, sailors are an interactive bunch. Whether it is bragging rights after a race or a discussion about wind (or the lack of wind), we seem to have plenty of interesting things to talk about.
  • Racing provides a hobby for the gadget or mechanical minded. If this is you, there are limitless go fast projects and gadgets to occupy your time and imagination.
  • Racing provides a platform to invest in others. You could be crew helping out a new skipper or a skipper teaching new crew. Maybe you help drop a mast or make a repair. We have some great examples of this in our club!
  • Racing incentivizes you to build your sailing skills. Every new skill you learn will pay off on race day. Sail trim, rudder control, crew position, timing wind shifts. All these skills and more are instantly rewarded when you improve them on the race course.
  • Racing sailors sail longer. Dr. Cully Cobb was a racing sailor at Harbor Island Yacht Club. He raced and won into his 90s. He is noted as saying, “Racing sailors sail better, racing sailors, sail longer”. He said he went out, even when he didn’t feel like it because he knew he had crew and competition waiting on him.

If you are ready to give it a try, come check out the competition on the lake this weekend or slip out to the lake on Wednesday Night. AND, get a boat and a partner and join in on the Double Double Race June 15 on the same day as the Luau.

Let’s go sailing!


ICYMI (In Case You Missed It): The PPYC Resource Center
A repository of class pictures and materials from our PPYC classes for your reference.  Information made available at instructor's permission.

Bareboating: Fun Experiences & Practical Considerations, 03.02.2019
Kurt and Nancy Berger gave us the inside scoop on chartering a boat without a skipper or crew.  The link above is to the PowerPoint slide deck presented in the class.

Edith Collins' All Around the Race Course Class Photo, 04.27.2019

Scene from Wednesday evening's Basic Keelboat Class, 05.08.2019 (photo by John Summers)

Double Rainbow graced everyone after a rainy Wednesday Night Racing evening, 05.01.2019

Communications Corner
Sheila Armstrong


Written while sitting out on my kitchen balcony and letting the guy mowing the grass know when he's missed a spot.  Love my condo lifestyle.

Now on to this week's article...

The Galen Freeman Regatta is set for this weekend and you will find yours truly at the registration desk both Saturday and Sunday, starting at 7:30am, bright-eyed and bushy tailed.  I look forward to meeting our guests and wishing our members the best race of their lives.  This is going to be a really nice event.  I have never been to a regional championship and would not miss this for the world, with cameras ready.

After Sunday's race, we are going to gather for a memorial to celebrate the life of Galen Freeman's late wife, Carolyn.  We have all heard the saying "behind every successful man is great woman".  This is certainly true of Carolyn...she supported him as he and several others became the founders of PPYC. A lot of people's lives have been made better because they found a "family" here at this yacht club -- a welcoming place to come and learn how to sail different types of boats and to learn from those with far more experience at this sport. I certainly count this club as part of my extended family and have made so many good friends in the short time since I joined this fun club. 

Flashback from last week's post:
We added several PPYC U classes to this year's lineup:  June 1st is a Sailing Forum, June 8th is Sailing Skills; June 22nd is Playing with a Spinnaker; July 20th is Tuning.  You will see me at every one of these classes.  Click on the website's "Upcoming Events" section to read about these classes in detail.  Make sure you sign up so that we know to save a place for you. This club really does a good job of giving folks a well rounded education in all things sailing.

Need to Party?
Mark you calendar for June 15th -- just go ahead and mark out the whole day.  We have the Double-Double Regatta during the day and our annual luau party starting at 6pm.  Come fly your freak flag; you will be with "family".

Time to sign off for this week.  'Til I see you again, be good to each other.

Take care,

Sheila Armstrong
Communications Director

Note as your Communications Director: If you notice any incorrect information or discover a broken link, I would appreciate hearing from you.

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