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The PPYC Volunteer Spirit In Action

Charles M Jones | Published on 7/29/2021
Two Recent Examples Of The PPYC Volunteer Spirit In Action

We’ve mentioned often that we are a volunteer-driven club — and why. Why? At least two reasons: 1) the
camaraderiethat develops when people work together to make something worthwhile happen; and 2) the ability it gives us to keep our fees at their very modest levels [absent the great work done by our volunteers, our costs would increase considerably because of the paid labor we would need.] Here are two recent examples to give you a feel for how both of these reasons make sense. …

The New Information Center

Next time you're at the marina and headed out to the docks from the main parking lot, glance to your left as you get near the point where you go under the deck. You’ll see a very nice Information Center with useful information about our club posted inside the glass casing [see picture below.] That started with an idea one member had about refurbishing the unused casing and using it to do something worthwhile for the club. Two other members who learned about it thought of ways they could contribute content and keep it up to date, and voila! It’s now displaying some of that content. Thanks to Richard Lewis, Scott Carter and Alicia Noble for setting this up!
Repairs On The Catalina 22 Club Boat

Over the past few weeks, several members of the Club Boat Program who took the Catalina 22 out for sails noticed that the Jib Halyard was “sticking” intermittently. The problem got worse, and the boat had to be taken out of service until it could be fixed. George Blue, who commits major amounts of his time to meeting needs within our club, sent an to the CBP members asking for volunteers to step the mast Tuesday 7/27 at 3:00pm, and RSVP affirmatives were more than sufficient. The problem was fixed, and the boat was back in service the next day. Thanks not only to George for organizing and leading this effort, but to
Marty Lipke,Joe Campbell,Scott Carter,John Thomason,Theo Miesner,Richard Lewis, andCalvin Minner [who happened to be at the docks that afternoonand pitched in with his knowledge as a Catalina 22 owner.] And thanks toMike Hearne for not only donating boat registration numbers for the J/22, but also for staying late after LATH to apply them. Kudos to all!
The email exchanges among the people involved in both of these situations was an excellent illustration of the camaraderie aspect of our volunteer spirit. 🤝

Thanks, and happy sailing!
Charles M. Jones
Communications Director
Info Center 2