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Updated Home Page For Our Web Site

Charles M Jones | Published on 3/28/2020
Home iconOn March 28, a new Home page for our web site replaced the previous one. It was not a major, highly noticeable change in overall appearance, but in case some of you do notice some of the more subtle changes, I thought I'd mention them briefly here.

The main reason changes were needed was to bring the page’s technical design more in line with our vendor's current design capabilities and eliminate numerous “work-arounds” apparently used over quite some time to find ways to meet particular needs that perhaps weren't available in past versions of the vendor's software. That, in turn, will make incorporation of new content and features currently under consideration a more straightforward and less error-prone process.

The “under the hood” changes are fairly substantial, but about the only things you’ll see that are noticeable are 1) some Quick Links buttons just under the Main Menu [I’ve gotten some positive feedback about those and other links since they were added to the Member Resources section about a month ago] and 2) a wider right column [that begins with Commodore’s Corner] and narrower Upcoming Events column [its wider-than-necessary width was the cause of some wasted white space in the middle of the page.]