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Volunteers needed on Friday, 2/08/2019 from 3 -7pm

Richard "Hook" Lewis  | Published on 1/10/2019

Volunteering credit:  4 hours!

4 volunteers are needed to:

  • Setup, clean, test and cover all gas grills.

  • Set up three sauté stations.

  • Set the cast iron cooking station.

  • Food prep for Saturday's lunch.

  • Make copies of Metro practice test and lessons plans.

  • Setup classroom tables and chairs.

You must register for this volunteering opportunity. 

  If you also plan to attend Saturday’s Food Safety School, be sure to register soon. There is no roll over. Reservations will be checked at the door and the class will start on time. This is not a social lunch, but is a real study hall. The test is a self-graded and for your education on food safety.

Let’s learn and have fun doing so. Excellence through Education!

Richard “Hook” Lewis, Social Chair and instructor of this course