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PPYC U - New Members Orientation

Sheila L Armstrong  | Published on 1/11/2019

If you have joined PPYC in the last couple of years, this class is for you!  Please carve out some time to attend this important orientation to our Club.  Topics covered include:

1. Finances – annual dues, Ship’s Store, regatta fees and other paid events (Christmas social, etc.).

2. Club Assets – The Club owns and maintains a committee boat, two chase boats and two club sail boats. The Club owns them and must keep them up and running throughout the year.

3.  How to complete your volunteer hours each year – Mechanically inclined? Help us maintain our fleet of Club Boats.  How about lending a hand to set up, take down, help cook and serve at some of our events throughout the year?  There are lots of ways to volunteer.  We will show you how!

4. Education – This is our Clubs specialty!  PPYC U, LATH, Basic Keelboat, and The Learners Regatta (seasoned members know this regatta as “The Race” or “RaftUp”).  Other necessary training on navigation, safety, tying knots, the proper way to fold sails (called “flaking a sail”), using the wind to sail efficiently, etc. Plenty of training options throughout the year.

5. Social – Hear an overview of our key social events throughout the year.  The quality of each event is each event is directly tied to our volunteers helping with setting up and taking down and cooking and serving.  We have awesome training opportunities on food safety – free to our members!

6. Communications -  Learn about all the resources found on our website, basic website navigation, and how to interact with the Club’s Board.

7. Racing – Why race? How to get involved, participate, learn how, Bee Fleet’s purpose, etc.

8. Membership Committee – Learn about volunteering opportunities on different committees.  Communication with our membership is a key factor to keeping members closely involved and volunteering.  Volunteering is a wonderful way for our members to feel a part of PPYC.  Learn how a provisional member can upgrade to becoming a full voting PPYC member after only a year in the club! 

9.  And many more ins and outs of our Club!