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Commodore's Report

Fred Bartrom  | Published on 1/10/2019

We had our first board of directors meeting on Monday, January 8th. We have a very talented and dedicated board this year and their enthusiasm for PPYC was evident. We voted to promote 6 provisional members to full membership and accepted 4 new members into the club as provisional members. It is exciting to see people take these steps. Everyone on the board has a long to-do list to get prepared for the 2019 sailing season and we are looking forward to working alongside our members this year.


We also had our annual membership meeting on Sunday the 7th. In that meeting we heard a lot of good questions and comments about our club, volunteering and how to get involved. So, to help us plan our year and make some real progress on those items and more, the board voted to do a short membership survey. More on that to come. Did I mention it will be “short”. I hate long surveys. But short surveys that are helpful and short are good. So this one is going to be very helpful and good and short!


One final note: Last year the board voted to adopt PHRF for our club’s handicapping system. Since then, we have re-established our PHRF membership with US Sailing. A local handicapping group is in the process of forming and gearing up for this transition.


Let’s go sailing!