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Food Safety Course, February 9th

Sheila L Armstrong  | Published on 1/24/2019

We are looking for volunteers to help the club with our social events.

Class Agenda

* Food Safety
* Purchasing and sales tax
* Banquet work orders
* Keep hot food hot and cold food cold.
* How to grill, cold spot
* Chef secrets and techniques
* Rice is king
* Smoking meat, and grilling vegetables

Lunch will be served and, yes - the students are the cooks.

*Banquet set up and chafer placement
*Grill cleaning
*Gas leak testing and changing of propane tanks

Written test (self graded test)
Discuss test
Please bring at least two pencils.

Your Instructor: Richard Lewis

Owner of TDP a food management company
Certified Bar B Cue Judge number 20719 KCBS
Certified BBQ cook                #          1241 KCBS
Certified Bartender and server  #  743622  State of TN

Members, sign in to register, there is LIMITED SPACE

When: February 9, 2019, 10:00 AM until 2:30 PM
Where: Hamilton Creek Sailboat Marina
             (Hamilton Creek Official Website)
            2901 Bell Road
            Nashville, TN 37217

            (615) 862-8472

Contact:  Richard Lewis (615) 974-1894  -OR-

PPYC Member        No Fee