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Tune Up For 2019

Fred Bartrom  | Published on 12/27/2018

Tune Up For 2019

It may be cold in Nashville, but it is warmer somewhere!
If you plan a warm retreat this year, consider adding a few days somewhere to tune up your racing and sailing skills. I have talked to some who have participated in Offshore Sailing School Performance Race Week. They had nothing but good things to say about how much they learned in a short period of time. Others have traveled south to earn sailing certifications from US Sailing and American Sailing Association. And some have headed down to charter a sailing vacation.

Is a southern sailing destination on your to do list for this winter? If it is, please bring back some pictures so we can share in your fun through the newsletter. If you get some winter training on a Colgate racer or a cruising sailboat, please consider sharing your new knowledge with the club in an upcoming PPYC U class.

So, if you decide to break free and go, shoot me a text or email and let me know your plans. 

Let’s Go Sailing!