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Boat Owners’ Section — Home Page

Under Construction
This page is under construction.  Currently available information begins after the Available Now heading below. Additional resources will be added below that heading from time to time and might include a FAQ section, useful links to other sites, tips on selling or buying a boat, etc. As content is added, remarks to that effect will be included in the Communications Corner section of our Newsletters. Have a suggestion on content you think would be useful? Tell us: Offer A Suggestion

Development Status — Last Update 12/4/20

Included status information in 12/4 Communications Corner.  That article included a link to a form allowing those completing it to express their level of interest in each of the features listed under Suggestions Offered So Far below.

Suggestions Offered So Far ...
[Indicate your level of interest in these by completing this simple check-off form: Boat Owner Preferences]
... Periodic work days where boat owners and others interested in helping can spend an afternoon helping each other with things like changing lines, servicing winches, tuning rigging, etc.
... Buying a sailboat / Selling a sailboat.
... Things to do on Percy Priest Lake in a sailboat.

... Single Handing

... Safety afloat

... Demystifying docking

... Trailering and launching
... Sailing Percy Priest Lake in the Winter
... Degree of winterizing advisable for HCSM
... Pier Groups — Items of particular interest to owners on Pier 1, Pier 2, Pier 3, Pier 4, or Pier 5.
... Directory of Boat Owners
... Recommended Vendor List — e.g., for rigging and sail repair, underwater hull inspections, etc.
... Useful links to other sites
... For sailors actively moving toward boat ownership

Available Now

This Boat Owners page is a private page to which there are no links anywhere else on this site. Members who request access and who are verified to be boat owners will be given the URL to this page to allow them to access it. An initial version of this page is still under construction, so no further content is available now.
If a demand develops for a Forum For Boat Owners designed to enable dialog among boat owners for yet-to-be-determined purposes, one will be set up on an experimental basis by Charles Jones, a boat owner [Charles is PPYC’s Communications Director.]
 Content beginning here will remain after the “Under Construction” section above is removed.