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Our Web Site — What’s New In 2020

Our web site has undergone a major overhaul this year. All new features are available to members, and many are available to all site visitors. This page provides a summary of changes and additions. We believe that in retrospect you’ll view the few minutes it will take you to read this page and poke around the site to learn more about it as “invested” time rather than “spent” time.

For Members

Everything Described Below Under For All Site Visitors


Of course, everything described below under For All Site Visitors is available to members. However, members who log in — which we strongly encourage — see a considerably expanded Main Menu. Some of those features can be accessed differently through that menu structure. For example, the Crew: Needed/Available section is a Main Menu item called Skipper/Crew Matchups.

Member Resources Section

This section is far and away where most of the content additions have been made this year [it replaced the Main Menu section formerly called Club Documents.] When you select Member Resources in the Main Menu, you’ll see a treasure trove of resource material organized into logical sections: Forms, Forums, Documents, Policies And Procedures, and Other. So much material has been added to this section that one page seemed too full when all of it appeared there — so at the bottom and the top of the first page you’ll see a prominently visible Additional Member Resources link. Clicking that link will take you to more material and references — and at the bottom and the top of that second page you’ll see a prominently visible link back to the first page.

For All Site Visitors

Check out these new features that are available to anyone accessing our site. ...

Banner Line On Home Page. There’s now a banner line at the top of the Home page. For the past few months it has provided a direct link to our Coronavirus Updates page, but we are beginning to change it on some days to access other areas of the site.

Access Useful Information Through QuickLinks. Just below the Main Menu is a row of QuickLink buttons you can click to go directly to sources of information useful to sailors, with several that are specific to sailing on Percy Priest Lake.

View Recent Newsletters And Other Broadcast Messages
. Click on Meet in the Main Menu, and click on Recent Emails in the sub-menu that displays. You'll see a list of recent Newsletters and other important emails in descending order [most recent first.]  Reviewing the last few items in this list is an excellent way to get a quick overview of what’s happening.

Find Opportunities To SailClick on Sail in the Main Menu, and pick Crew: Needed/Available in the sub-Menu that appears. That will take you to a page describing a new process implemented this year to facilitate matching people who want to sail with boat owners who need crew from time to time.

Provide Feedback And Suggestions And Report Problems. Clicking on the Communicate tab in the Main Menu will take you to a page outlining ways up you can interact with us, including ways to easily and quickly give us feedback or report problems.

Thank you for reading this page. We hope you have found it informative, and that you’ll consider getting more familiar with how our web site can be a valuable resource.