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Our Club — An Unprecedented Year

2020 BoardRemember Murphy’s Law? There are many variations in wording, but for our Club, this one describes this year pretty well: “If something can go wrong, it probably will — and it will do so at the most inopportune time possible.” We say in the About section of our web site that we are “a club of sailing and racing enthusiasts who enjoy spending time together in racing and social events, (and supporting) the main purposes of PPYC, (which) are to promote the sport of sailing, enhance boat handling skills and safety on the water, and promote fellowship and association among its members.” Each year, after several months of cold weather, March rolls around and excitement begins to build about the April kickoff of our Spring to Fall activities — twice-weekly races, several regattas, LATH, educational classes, cookouts, social gatherings, etc. And this year, we scheduled a huge event in July to celebrate our fiftieth year as a club. What a year this will be, we’re thinking! Enter the Coronavirus, stage left, and life as we know it is changed in a way none of us have ever experienced before. As the saga unfolds, we find ourselves entering the second half of our main season with none of our well-laid-out plans having materialized so far. With that backdrop, let’s take a look at the rest of 2020 and beyond. ...

How Are We Doing Overall?

Our Club is financially healthy and quite capable of weathering the remainder of this “storm.” And although our revenues are down, so are our expenses because a lot of our expenses are associated with events that haven’t been happening. Unfortunately, though, revenues from membership fees are down, too, both from renewing members and from new members. There are two ways one could view our membership fees: 1) as a “cover charge” that covers the cost of no-extra-charge events and activities during the year, or 2) as a nominal annual cost of being a part of a group of people with a keen interest in the sport of sailing. A member or prospective member who holds View #1 might logically not renew or join in a year like this one, but a member or prospective member with View #2 would unless the economic situation the pandemic has created — e.g., an interruption in their personal income — has resulted in a need for some trimming of discretionary expenses. Our goal, of course, is to always provide an environment in which every member and prospective member would adopt View #2.

Looking forward, we believe we will be able to resume our activities and events schedule in some form in September. And of course, we look forward to a 2021 in which this whole thing will be in our rearview mirror as we begin activities and events we now have scheduled as a result of a lot of recent planning efforts by several of our Board members. For those of you who hold View #2 regarding membership fees and have not been adversely impacted financially this year, we would appreciate your renewing your membership when that time arrives for you — or if you’ve been thinking about becoming a member, doing so. For those of you who hold View #1, we encourage you to consider View #2.

Would You Do Us A Favor?

We have made substantial improvements to our web site this year, but a recent analysis of use of the site during the first half of 2020 would suggest that most of you aren’t even aware of them, much less benefitting from using them. We believe you would consider the new features of the site valuable, so we’d like to ask you to do us a favor. ...


Log on to the web site. Poke around and see what’s there. If you’d like to first see a quick overview of new features added this year, click here: Our Web Site — What’s New. ... And afterwards, please let us know your thoughts by completing a User Feedback Form. That would only take you an extra minute or two, and you’d be providing valuable input that can help us continuously “tune” the features of our website to your needs.

Guests And Prospective Members

Check out these new features that are available to anyone accessing our site. ...

Banner Line On Home Page. There’s now a banner line at the top of the Home page. For the past few months it has provided a direct link to our Coronavirus Updates page, but we are beginning to change it on some days to access other areas of the site.

View Recent Newsletters And Other Broadcast Messages
. Click on Meet in the Main Menu, and click on Recent Emails in the sub-menu that displays. You'll see a list of recent Newsletters and other important emails in descending order [most recent first.]  Reviewing the last few items in this list is an excellent way to get a quick overview of what’s happening.

Find Opportunities To SailClick on Sail in the Main Menu, and pick Crew: Needed/Available in the sub-Menu that appears. That will take you to a page describing a new process implemented this year to facilitate matching people who want to sail with boat owners who need crew from time to time.

Access Useful Information Through QuickLinks. Just below the Main Menu is a row of QuickLink buttons you can click to go directly to sources of information useful to sailors, with several that are specific to sailing on Percy Priest Lake.

Provide Feedback And Suggestions And Report Problems. Clicking on the Communicate tab in the Main Menu will take you to a page outlining ways up you can interact with us, including ways to easily and quickly give us feedback or report problems.

Thank you for reading this page. We hope you have found it informative, and that you’ll consider getting more familiar with how our web site can be a valuable resource.