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About The Skipper/Crew Matchup Process

Are you are a Boat Owner or Club Boat Program member who at times may need crew for a planned outing? Are you a sailor who wants to sail but does not own or have access to a boat? If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, this matchup process is designed for you. It allows you to complete a very brief form to make your need for Crew or your availability to serve as Crew known to others by adding your name and contact information to either the Crew Needed Directory or the Crew Available Directory. Being listed in either of these directories does not obligate you in any way. It simply indicates that when a Skipper is seeking Crew for a particular outing and you are in the Crew Available Directory, you may be contacted by him/her, or when a sailor is looking for an opportunity to serve as Crew within a certain time period and you are listed in the Crew Needed Directoryyou may be contacted by him/her.

Why do We Offer This Capability?

We are a diverse Club. We have members who own boats or are members of our Club Boat Program who may want to go out for a spin on the lake when none of their family or friends are available, or want to participate in a race and need a Crew member with certain skills. We also have members who love to sail but do not have access to a boat and may be looking for an opportunity to serve as Crew within a certain period of time. This capability is our way of providing a mechanism for finding matchups when these opportunities exist at the same time. When you have opportunity to do something that’s a win-win-win situation, common sense says “Do it!”...

What’s In It For Boat Owners And Club Boat Program Members?

People own boats for lots of reasons, but leaving them idol in their slips is not among them. Even when an owner has family and friends among whom Crew members can usually be found, there can be times when that is not the case or when he/she needs a particular set of skills. This capability can be what makes such an outing happen rather than fall into the “missed opportunities” bin.

What’s In It For Sailers Who Don’t Have Access To A Boat?

People join our Club because they love sailing. Many own boats or are members of the Club Boat Program and can sail anytime they want. For those who don’t have routine access to a boat, this capability can make their availability to serve as Crew known to those who might be able to give them that opportunity.

What’s In It For Our Club?

PPYC exists to provide opportunities for our members to participate in sailing and social events, and to provide support to our members as they enjoy the benefits of membership. Simply put, providing this capability is a way of doing the latter — clearly a win-win-win situation!

Thank you for participating in this effort on our part to serve as a Matchmaker  — to provide a way for Skippers needing Crew and sailors who are available to serve as Crew to connect with each other in situations where needs for a particular Skipper for a particular outing match the needs of a sailor who wants to sail at that particular time. Who knows? A collateral benefit could be a new friendship! To get started availing yourself of this capability, click this link: Crew Needed / Crew Available