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Many thanks to Kathy Ware for making LATH the best “get into sailing” program ever. It was great seeing people of all backgrounds and experience get to sail with a friendly skipper and have hands on introduction each Tuesday (weather permitting). As one who wanted to ease into sailing after a very long absence, it was the perfect place for me to begin to sail again. 

Everyone was warm and welcoming. I appreciate Bob Ware for going the extra mile to get me acquainted with PPYC members. I also met many LATH newbies who were as excited as I was to go out and take a turn at all tasks the skippers assigned to us. Each LATH skippers instructed as prepared to sail and guided us through all aspect of taking out the boats, sailing and retuning  to the slips . We gained more skill and knowledge each week. From basic sailboat terminology, knot tying, safety to sailing “rules” we gathered the needed knowledge to become more proficient. On the rare Tuesdays that we did not sail we enjoyed mastering knots, properly coiling lines and learning sometimes using a sailboat model on the club house deck. I am now introducing coworkers to LATH and hope they will become regulars too. 

After a while, I felt confident to move on to join Wednesday night racing. I humbly hope to advance my sailing skills to the next level with some willing skippers who let me join their crew. It was incredible fun to sail the race course around the islands and back. Many thanks for the Wednesday night opportunities too. 

LATH works because of the encouragement and joy of sailing shown each week by Kathy and Bob Ware and the LATH skippers giving generously their time and resources. The Ware’s dedication to the program over these many years has been outstanding. I am very appreciative of the time Kathy spends each week to make the program successful. Her friendly email introduction and helpful notes about the program gets one prepared before venturing out the first time. When she greets you by name each Tuesday, it warms your heart. My only regret is for not following Irina’s Tollerson’s invitation to get involved with LATH sooner. She never gave up on me, and I am so thankful. 

Melinda McCreary
 I had been waiting months for my first LATH, and I couldn't believe it was actually raining and cold. Despite the unfavorable weather, I donned my rain gear and arrived at the dock to finally meet Bob and Kathy Ware. They were waiting with a warm smile for those of us brave enough to show up for class. Since the weather was a bust, we stayed on deck to learn some knots. After a short while, we were dismissed to get warm and dry. I headed straight to the local hardware store to purchase a piece of line, so I could continue to practice tying the knots I had earned. It has been almost 2 months now, and luckily, the weather has been much better on Tuesdays. I have gotten a lot of time on the water at LATH. I am also proud to say that I am now a new member of PPYC. Being a member of PPYC has given me more than just the opportunity to attend LATH. I have had the pleasure of volunteering for the Grand Ole Open Regatta and the Reception for the Touch of Class Regatta. I have truly enjoyed meeting all of the sailors that are members of this great club. One of my most memorable volunteer opportunities to date has been for the Grand Ole Open Regatta. I was lucky enough to land a spot on the Committee Boat. There I met Iain Montgomery, PPYC Racing Director, and one of the nicest people I have ever met. I also had the pleasure of meeting Lucien Cayce, who was the Primary Race Officer. The weather was overcast and chilly, but that didn’t seem to faze any of those there for the race. This was my very first Regatta, and honestly, I knew very little about them. It was interesting to observe all of what it takes to set up the course and learning the how’s and why’s everything is done the way it is. I listened to all that was being said and learned the lingo as I went along. I was encouraged to ask questions along the way which was a relief. It was ok with them that I didn’t know much, and I was glad to hear they were willing to teach me. It was a long day but worth every minute of being cold and wet. I was honored to be a part of the Committee Boat and continually thanked for volunteering my time to help them. I was definitely appreciated but honestly, the pleasure was mine. I am continuing to attend LATH every Tuesday learning from a new skipper each week. I am hoping to crew on a boat for Wednesday night racing real soon. I also continue to volunteer for PPYC every chance I get. I have met so many wonderful club members. I am so thankful that I braved the cold weather that first night of LATH, because I have realized my deep love for sailing. I thank everyone at PPYC and LATH for giving me the opportunity to be a part of their family. For those of you I haven’t met yet…see you on the water! ~Fair winds and following seas~
Lori Quarles

Never having been aboard a sailboat of any kind, when asked to join CaptainAir (AKA JOYsea Matlock) for a sailing date I was eager to see what it was like.  I went, bringing along my camera, as I was at first more interested in getting some good photos over just sailing.
It did not take long for me to find out there was a lot more to sailing than just climbing aboard and hoisting sails.   I met some great people as well as the finding out what the varied levels of ride from slow and easy all the way up to a trill ride style of sailing depending on what the wind was like.
I found myself coming to LATH on Tuesdays and other training programs with volunteers of the club.  Sure not all will take to the sport but I did and it did not take long for me to decide to sell my power boat and find my ship of dreams.  That step brought me further into the club for more than just the parties that I had been enjoying with my camera as many of you know from the many photos I have posted.
I then began coming to LATH as a skipper on Tuesdays to help Bob and Kathy Ware.  With my background of being a manager I have a kinship to teaching and training people the how to of things and naturally loved assisting the clubs LATH program.  It also helped me as it got me a crew at least once a week so I could enjoy going out more often.  I have not gotten involved with racing but likely would have had I got involved at a much younger age.
The people are fantastic and it is all run and managed by volunteers of the club.  I will be a life time member without doubt and when retired will be even more involved that I am now.  A big thanks to all the volunteers past and present.

George S Mitchell


PPYC is definitely what I was looking for during a particular time in my life.  I really needed sailing back in my life again.  Kathy Ware invited me in with open arms.  I learned alot from from each Skipper who volunteered their time to come out every Tuesday to help out.  The Club Boat Program was a great way to get confident of sailing on your own and not have to invest alot of money in.  PPYC has been a blessing in mine and my son's life.  Now,  because of everyone's help, I now own my own boat and I owe it alot to all the great people I have met at PPYC.  It is a great way to enjoy life and get out of the everyday hustle of life!!  Not to mention all the great events they have!!!

Melanie White