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Compass on Map  
Introduction to Coastal Navigation


This course covers charts, aids to navigation, basic navigational math, line of position, position fixing, bearings, current vectors and some GPS.

The class meets four times, with the next class dates TBA. 

For the course, you will need a few items. The course book can be ordered from US Sailing. You will also need a training chart that your instructor will have for $8. And, you will need a basic set of plotting tools including a parallel ruler, dividers and a plotter. West Marine has a package for about $43 from West Marine or search for the Weems & Plath Basic Navigation Set from your favorite retailer. The Hermitage store has some in stock or you can order from them. You may also want to get a “hand held compass” $39 (not required but really handy).

If you want to sit for the US Sailing exam, you can do so after some extensive study. The exam is about 5 hours long.

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